College Life · Life Tips

Day 3 – Monday


It is so much easier to write than to actually buckle down and do it! Tomorrow is my first day of my second year. It is wonderful to know I will never again be a freshmen in any school! Yay!

Today my study tip is to create spaces that encourage you, personally, to study.

For me this looks like a rocking chair in the corner of my room, a clean kitchen table in my kitchen where the sun streams through the window, a porch swing on my back porch where I can be among nature as I drill anatomical terms, and when all else fails, my desk where all that can distract me are cute sticky notes in the corner and a scented candle that flickers in the evening light.

Those are the places that allow my mind to enter a state of concentration and allow my mind to soak in the information so that I am not cramming for my finals at 4am!

What do your study spaces look like?

Day 3 down, 362 days to go!

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