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Day 6 – Inspiration

“I was drowning and she pulled me out of the ocean” – Julie Powell

My not so inspirational favorite quote:

“I think every woman should have a blow torch.” – Julia Child

One fateful day I sat at my kitchen table crying over a break-up, feeling very little motivation for life, and seriously needing to finish making lunch. I decided to put on a movie to help distract me from my sorrows. This movie was Julie and Julia.

That is what inspired me to start this blog. I decided that regardless of who read it, if anyone, I needed a way to document progress, to keep myself accountable, and to have an outlet for my writing and random thoughts in life. If you have not seen the movie go watch it. Yes, I mean now, the blog will still be here after the movie and the rest of this post will make much more sense after you watch the movie!

In the movie Julie decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook in one year and document her journey through her blog. While I’m not passionate about impersonating a french chief, I thought her journey was one I would like to try as well. To stick to something for a whole year from start to finish. To try something new, out of the ordinary, something with a new spark of life.

Just incase any of you are worried, I don’t intend to wear pearls in the kitchen, be a complete grump, or make any type of beef jell-O! My inspiration simply came from this movie, I do not intend to replicate the story! 🙂

So here we are on day 6 of that attempt, 359 to go!



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