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Day 7


Healthy living?

Yeah, I know, it is the last thing on your mind after staying up until 2 am studying for that lecture exam.

But! It is important.

Why am I writing on this? Honestly, because I’m tired of looking on pinterest for at-home exercises and only finding girls with 6-packs trying to schedule out a routine for the “average” person to be able to do…. depressing, discouraging, and usually not doable, much less sustainable.

So here is a quick, fun, 30 minute routine for any fitness level!

Step 1:

Turn on some really fun, upbeat music! My favorite is country for this or For King and Country.

Step 2:

Begin by breathing deeply 5 times, or if you are really trying to procrastinate, you can totally up that to 10 times! (2 minutes)

Step 3:

5 minutes of your favorite line dance. If you are not into country dancing, you could do any dance that gets your heart pumping for 5 minutes. (5 minutes)

Step 4:

Now that you’ve done a mini warm up, it is time to stretch! I think we all know how to stretch after high school gym class, but if you’re out of ideas, here are some options:


(3 minutes)

Step 5:

Wall push-ups! I like to do 25, but you can start at 10 and work your way up to as many as you like! These are great as they don’t strain your back and you can do them when you are pregnant or just old! (3 minutes)

Step 6:

Leg Lifts. Do 25 per leg, again work up from 10 per leg if you are more like me and your legs need to be reminded they have muscles! 😉


(about 3 minutes)

Step 7:

Upward Kicks. Do 25 per leg, once again, start at 10. Basically you want to keep your knee at a right angle (90 degrees) and kick into the sky.


(4 minutes… these take longer and require balance… which I totally do not have! Don’t loose heart, it can take a while!)

Step 8:

Side Leg Lifts. Do 20 per leg, then repeat, so 40 per leg at the end, divided up. Yeah, you’ve got it at this point, don’t start with 40 on your first day! Build up to it!


(4 minutes)

Step 8:

Begin to cool down with some good old cat stretches! … you don’t have to be a single cat lady to do these, but hey, if that’s your thing, cats are great! 😉 Repeat this about 10 times. 5 down and 5 up, slowly and breathing deeply.


(2 minutes)

Step 9:

Work on those arms! Arm circles are good for that arm flab that makes shirt sleeves feel tight! 50 circles forward, 50 backwards… these you can usually start at 20-30 for each direction and you could go as high as you want, 50 each way just helps time wise!


(2 minutes)

Step 10:

Child’s Pose.

Yup, this part is everyone’s favorite!


(2 minutes)


There you have it! 30 minutes of doable, hopefully fun, exercise!

7 days down, 358 days to go!


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