College Life · Life Tips

Day 13

Job searching…

Searching for a job is never fun! Not having graduated yet, no job that I’m applying for is my “dream job” but at some point, bills need paid.

My 5 tips for applying for a job you can at least enjoy until you graduate!

1. Think of your favorite coffee shop/shopping area/place to be and start by looking there. If you love the place, chances are you will enjoy working there, or at least enjoy the employee discount! 😉


2. Try all your options, even if they don’t say they are hiring!


3. Sell yourself well! Bring out your best qualities and show them who they are getting! …Even if you have some unique talents!


4. Be totally honest! They will do background checks and find out your secrets, so just be upfront with them!


5. Remember that sometimes you just need a job! You’re not stuck in it forever and try to enjoy it!


But seriously… try and enjoy it!


Here’s to trying out new jobs and realizing why I am in school!

Day 13 down, 352 days to go!


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