Day 14


My last post on this was literally all I had for exercise… so I’ve been doing some intense self-searching to find out more creative ways to exercise!

Here is one strategy and 5 ways to act it out…

Incorporate exercise into daily life!

1. When you are cleaning the dishes, do some heel lifts and work on those calves!


2. Laundry getting on your nerves? Try a kangaroo hop between each item you fold. Not only will it make laundry more fun, it will also keep you more awake!


3. Ever heard of Kegels? Yup, those sexy pelvic floor exercises. Do 20 at every red light. It’ll give you something to do as you wait and it’ll help keep things in shape! 😉


4. Get tired of cooking for two hours every night? Try putting on some country swing music and between stirs, have some fun in the kitchen… and if you have a sweetheart, bring him in on the fun and make more than just a hot meal! 😉


5. Tired of sitting on that office chair or at that study desk for hours on end? Try replacing your chair with a comfortable exercise ball and get some movement in as you work out your brain!


14 days down, 351 days to go!


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