Life Tips

Day 15

This weekend is my best friend’s birthday!!

She is turning 20, which is usually not super exciting, but here are some tips that helped me as I planned a day of fun to celebrate her entering a new year of life!

1. Set a budget.

I am obviously in college and have limited finances! Knowing how much you are willing/able to spend is huge! Start there!

2. Think of what you all love to do together.

For us, we love coffee, shopping, minor physical activity, adventuring to new places (like IKEA), and anything that allows for heart to heart talks!

3. Think of something you have talked about wanting to do.

She mentioned last week that she would love to learn calligraphy and we both enjoy exploring new towns and have wanted to go more into down town Denver and try our hand at some swing dancing!

4. Decide the structure of your day. Will you celebrate all day? Will you just have the morning? Are they more a dinner and club person or a coffee and museum person?

My friend loves coffee and we had already decided to make a whole day it, so the beginning of my day structure was a trip to Ziggi’s, a local coffee shop and the end was going to have dinner and swing dancing… so then my structure just needed filled in!

5. Pick a gift and figure out how to make that a part of your day!

My friend has mentioned that she wanted these “Letters to my Future Self” from Barns and Nobles, so that was easy to incorporate into the day for her and really helped me with the structure of the day!

So those are the top 5 things that helped me plan my friend’s birthday! Clearly this could be transferred to planning a date, anniversary, or really any event!

If you want to know what ended up happening, check back on Tuesday and I’ll post the full day with pictures! 🙂

15 days down, 350 days to go!


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