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Day 25 – Parts of a Puzzle

So far in this blog I have been fairly impersonal. I think it’s about time you met more of me!

I am a lover of all things pink, plush, and yummy!

I enjoy a good hike in the woods and getting my hands dirty in the garden.

Purposeful gift giving makes my heart happy!  

No meal can compare to a spicy curry on rice!

I grew up in multiple different places, within three different countries.

My heart feels at home in them all! … and yet torn between them all. 

Christmas is literally my favorite time of year!

I have a passion for flowers and a goal to constantly have at least one alive in the house at all times!

I can’t keep up with laundry and dishes to save my life!

I enjoy cooking large, fancy meals, yet struggle on the every day simple recipes… thus the “eat” section of this blog!

Sitting on a couch, covered in a cozy blanket, wearing an oversized hoodie, listening to the rain or watching the snow, and reading or writing is my definition of a perfect Saturday! Add in a good friend and mugs of hot chocolate and I am sold even more! 

My go to outfit is jeans and a hoodie for class and work around the house, but I love putting on a cute dress and heels!

Bugs are my least favorite thing in life!… I hate them all. 

I am currently really into coral, mint(the color and the flavor), and maps.

I seriously do not enjoy buying bras, although I do enjoy wearing them, I know, odd! 

Planning events is another passion of mine! 

 I am the stereotypical “Mom” of every group… although I have never birthed a child! 

Wet wipes, snacks, toys, and extra jackets can always be found in my car!

I love my immediate family deeply, although the extended is more messy than it is wonderful. 

I seriously dread having to turn off the light before getting onto bed! …one of my top reasons to get married! 😉

I am amazed by the changing of the seasons and the symbolism in that.

The mountains are my go to when life needs some perspective!

Children with special needs make my heart so, so happy! …children in general do!

Simplicity is one of my key goals in life.

Nursing school is by far the hardest thing I have done yet in life, we have a major love/hate relationship!

Welcoming people into my home is of great value to me.

Ultimately, I love Jesus and He is the reason I am here today. He is the reason my heart is happy. 

So now that you’ve met me, I’d love to meet you! Comment below, or if you live in the area, lets wear comfy pants, drink a warm beverage and make cookies together!

25 days down, 340 days to go!

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