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Day 27 – Stress Release


It is a real thing! We learn about it in our nursing classes and it is just not good for your body. However, stress is something we basically all have in our lives, so here are some ways to deal with it!

1. Knit/Craft

I know, old lady moment here, but I love to knit and it is a great way to release stress and it makes great gifts! …yes, everyone around here gets knit christmas gifts from me! 😉 Anything that uses your hands and movement really helps! My best friend loves to craft for the same purpose and she makes people’s hearts happy all the time with her beautiful creations!

2. Exercise

Movement is good. As we have all learned from Legally Blond…


…So get moving and see how it goes!

3. Eat Chocolate.

Yes, I just said that! Eat dark chocolate. It’s good for your body, tastes good, and releases endorphins!

4. Leave the stress!

Sometimes it helps to remove yourself from the situation and just take a break!

and if you can’t leave…

5. Create sacred spaces

Create spaces in your home, back yard, corner of your laundry room 😉 …whatever it takes! Create places that you can escape from the stresses of life and calm down a bit, get refreshed, and be able to face life head on!

For me this is half of my closet that I transformed into a prayer corner. It centers me, refreshes me, and if tons of people are around I can close the closet door and no one can find me! 😉

6. Make faces in a mirror!

I know, sounds crazy, but this is straight from my teacher who is a doctor and has like 10 other degrees! Anyway, making faces of your emotions in a mirror helps release the anger/frustration and helps you feel like you have expressed emotions.

7. Journal/blog

This blog is a stress release! Now I’m sure not all of you are wanting to have emotions out in the open, so journalling would also be a great option for this! I do both.

8. Open your windows

This is a tip from my Oma (mom’s mom) and it is a gem! Opening windows and letting fresh air in clears the air physically and is just so refreshing and calming.

9. Call a friend

Community is crucial! Community may mean a whole group, or just one person, but either way, you need someone to share life with. If you are in a place where you don’t have that and just need to chat, please feel free to write me! 🙂

10. Pray and Stretch

Put on some calming music, pray, and stretch slowly, allowing your body to calm down! Calming music will set the tone, praying will help keep things in perspective, and stretching is honestly just because when I am stressed, I can’t concentrate unless I’m moving!

I hope these help and that we can all live more stress free/relieved lives!

27 days down, 338 to go!


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