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Day 28 – The Power of a Long Walk


Remember hearing stories of your parents or grandparents or shows like The Waltons that talked about when people went on walks at the end of a night?

Lately the most relaxing, refreshing moments I have had were on walks through the backroads behind my house. If I walk long enough to get past the houses (surprising, but it happens once in a while 😉 ) there is a quaint little dirt road that looks out over fields of rolling hills, grazing cattle, a beautiful stream, and then opens up into arguable one of the best views ever of the Rocky Mountains! My heart feels refreshed as I soak in the beauty.

If my eyes are closed I can hear a soft prairie breeze, the insects chirping in the distance, the cows making their way to the water. For those moments time just seems to stop.

Then reality strikes and I have to get back to work, studies, and my own barn chores.

Stopping to “smell the roses” seems to be a lost art in today’s culture. We need vacations once a year from our daily lives, we need coffee at least once a day, we need diet plans and yoga classes. Not that any of those things are wrong, it just seems like life doesn’t always need to be that complicated, that rushed.

So next time those jeans are fitting a little tighter, head outside for an old-fashioned walk. Close your eyes, experience the moment, be refreshed.

28 days down, 337 to go!




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