Day 30 – The ministry of presence

Recently I was talking with my mom about a friend of hers who is wanting to be a stay-at-home mom and is really getting negative feedback about it from a woman she works with. She was told that it was not a real job and she wasn’t doing enough. For those of you who have made being a working mom work, that is great! I know lots of amazing moms who do both, but this is for those who have chosen to stay at home.

So here are 10 reasons why being a stay-at-home mom is enough.

1. You bring the energy and need energy to give

Mom’s set the tone for the house. If the mom is happy and has energy to give, the household is happy and full of life too. If you are working 40 hours a week, attempting to be president of the PTA, making box dinners, and the laundry pile is as high as Everest, you are clearly worn and have nothing left to give. Kids need their moms to be able to have the time and energy to ask them how their day went, to tuck them in at night and be fully present in the moment.

3. You have a sacred role

Mom’s truly have one of the most sacred jobs in the world. They are shaping the next generation. They are the ones that teach children that being kind is important, that people are important, that life can be beautiful, and so many more invaluable lessons in life.

4. You are making memories

When I look back on my childhood, the moments I remember best were around our home, after school with my mom. I remember her asking how the day went and how there was always a snack ready before we would work on homework.

5. You are their first example of health

This goes back to shaping the next generation, but is more than that. Emotional health, physical health, nutritional health, all of it. You show them what a healthy marriage looks like, you show them what snacks are healthy after school and how to balance that with treats. You show them how an active lifestyle is healthy, balanced with that of one that takes times to rest. You teach them how to manage a household and do laundry… too many people do not know how to do laundry!

6. Your husband and kids need your grounding

The home is a place of consistent safety. In my experience kids and husbands seem to thrive when the mom is in control of her home and it is always a welcoming place of retreat and is grounded. If you are not a Christian, you can totally ignore this point, but if you are, praying for your family is a huge part of being grounded. You need time to do that.

8. You create a place of retreat

Lets be honest, there only are few people in life who absolutely love cleaning, but it is still something that needs done. Being at home gives you the time to do that. Also being able to create those retreat places for various family members is huge! Maybe for one child it’s a tent in the corner of the basement filled with books and pillows, maybe for another that’s an art station. For your husband maybe a space you leave alone and never touch to a cozy bedroom, whatever it takes for them, and you, to feel like your home is a place of retreat.

**Funny Story**

A lab partner of mine at school, who is in her 30’s, was just talking about how she likes her little bubble of calm and peace in the world and how her in-laws are currently invading that bubble long term! — Maybe part of this role can be you and your husband sitting down and setting in-law boundaries! —

9. You have time to have hobbies

I love seeing my mom’s creative side come out as she decorates scrap books and we have those memories to look back on. I love knitting and canning and creating gifts for others. My friend’s mom made a quilt for each of her daughters, which I know they enjoyed. Some moms go into cooking shows or writing books or blogs. Being home gives you the time to do those things, letting more of you come out.

Many women fear they will loose themselves if they don’t work outside the home. Maybe being home just allows you to discover a wider range of things you can enjoy and let out creative or other fun sides!

10. You are enough

You are enough being you. You don’t need a career outside to boost yourself as a person or convince others that you are worth their time. You are so valuable as just you.

So if you are a mom who works in the home or out, know that your roles are so, so valuable! You are enough.

30 days down, 335 days to go! … for a girl who does not like math, that count down was nice and easy! 😉


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