Life Tips

Day 32 – Coconut oil

Coconut oil.

It’s kind of the rage these days…


… and regardless of how much I cannot stand the smell, it is good for us.

So here are 5 things you can do with coconut oil!

1. Later it in your hair


If you do this, just know it will take about two full washes to get the oily look out and leave a shiny look instead!

2. Rinse your mouth out with it

It’s a natural antibacterial agent and it is suppose to whiten. Oil pulling is the technical term, just incase you’re needing to impress someone on your coconut oil knowledge! 😉


3. Cuticle oil

I honestly had no idea what this was until we went to get manicures for my sisters wedding and the lady told me I had dry cuticles. (The lady told me to use avocado oil or argon oil, so those are great too!)


4. Cook with it

I’m warning you it will make things more crunchy. So it’s probably not the best idea in a cupcake, but really yummy in a crape or waffle!


5. Use it as a moisturizer and acne treatment

Like with argon oil and vitamin E oil, Coconut oil is suppose to help acne go away, replenish skin, and can be used all over your body… just don’t sit anywhere until it drys or you rise off the excess!


So there you go! …and if you’re like me and do not like the smell, you can get refined coconut oil and that doesn’t have a smell, but I just don’t think that’s as good for you, so I just deal with the smell! I do prefer the argon or vitamin E for my face and body so I don’t have quite the intense smell factor!

What do you all like doing with coconut oil?

32 days down, 333 days to go!



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