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Day 34 – First Day of Fall!

Happy first day of Fall!!

The leaves are turning, the mornings and nights are crisp, and the holiday spirit is in the air!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and here are a few reasons why!

~ New colors in ordinary places

~ Boots and Scarves

~ Iced apple cider (I know, strange, but I don’t like hot drinks!)

~ Preparing for the holidays ahead!

~ Cozy evenings

~ Pumpkin bread

~ My little pumpkin patch man (The guards my door all fall! 😉 )

~ Elk and Chili night with amazing friends at Rocky Mountain National Park

~ Long walks through the leaves

~ Refocusing from the crazy pace of life and connecting to my roots as I enjoy canning and hosting fun fall activities!

~ Pumpkin carving

~ Ginger bread houses

~ Watching everything in nature go to rest until we meet again in the Spring!

~ How the morning fog makes the world seem like a mystery to be explored.

True confession!!

I really do not like pumpkin spice late drinks! I like cold drinks, not hot drinks, and it is just not my thing!

What are your favorite parts of fall?

34 days down, 331 days to go!


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