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Day 36 – Animal Rendering

Most of you all reading this have no idea what this even is, and neither did I until I needed it.

So if you are caught with a larger livestock animal that sadly dies, here are the steps you need to take to get the animal removed from your property.

1. Text your friends lots of selfies of this whole process… documentation is key! πŸ˜‰

2. Get on google and type in, “Animal Rendering Services (and county you are in)”

3. Decide which situation is the best deal and give them a call, set up a time for pick up, and make sure you clarify that they do pick up the animal you are needing taken!

4. Bring the animal to a location that is easy for the people to access by tying a rope around the back two legs, above the knee joints, and either attaching that rope to a trailer hitch on the back of a vehicle, or drag the body manually to the spot of access.

14442662_1141279665939197_625561333_nΒ *Image is included to help you see how to tie the rope.

5. Go in side and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

6. Have the payment (usually around $25-$75) and proof of purchase ready for when they pick up the animal. You may not need to show proof of purchase in all situations, but have it ready just incase.

7. Remove the halter, say your goodbyes, and you have successfully dealt with the animal!

8. Now go back and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

9. Text your friends the final result and pat yourself on the back for being such an adult! πŸ™‚

I know this is a more gruesome topic, but at times it needs to happen and I wish I had known what to do when I had to deal with this a few days ago!

36 days down, 329 days to go!



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