Day 37 – Thoughts on fall

I’m actually writing this on the first day of fall.

The leaves are blowing, it’s a classic, crisp, fall day. Ordinarily this would be beautiful to me, but today I am sitting here dressed for a funeral and the day feels more dreary and sad, than it does beautiful.

Seasons hold such symbolism in my heart. The idea of death to new life is an annual reminder of the story of the gospel, but today, thisĀ reminder is simply of death and, in this case, the finality of it.

I’m thankful it is a dreary day. If I were burying my loved ones, I would want the heavens to be sad with me. To grieve with me. That is exactly how today feels.

So while autumn is one of my favorite seasons, today it is one of my least. Because today at every turn, I am reminded of the cycle of death this whole world goes through. Maybe tomorrow I will be reminded of Spring.

37 days down, 328 to go.


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