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Day 39 – War Room

If you are not interested in spiritual things, feel free not to read this one! 🙂


Few people truly have a decent prayer life.

Few people truly understand the power of prayer.


Few people understand that biblically speaking, we are at war.

I enjoy the movie War Room, and for those of you who have yet to see it, please go watch it now. It will at least make you think, if not seriously change your life.

Every time I see this movie, I am convicted on how lacking my prayer life is. I see how my daily life is lived, and prayer is not at the center.

So this made me do something this year.

I made a prayer closet.

Does it need to be a closet? Absolutely not.

Is that what I did due to lack of space in my house? Yes.

Either way, I needed to create a space that allowed me sit in silence with the Lord and have a space to write down prayer requests and be reminded of prayers answered. I very rarely think about what a gift prayer truly is. I don’t think about what a need prayer is. Yet when it is strongly present in my life, things happen and my heart feels at peace.

Maybe your prayer space is your car on the way to and from work or a bench in a park or a grove in the woods or your kitchen table or your back porch.

Regardless of where your prayer space is, I hope you will make the most of the gift of prayer.

39 days down, 326 days to go!


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