Day 41 – The Power of Beauty

Sometimes all you have to say is, “Beautiful” and that would be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is the power of beauty and the words which express it.

Museums have been documenting beauty for generations in paintings, sculptures, and poetry. Wars have been fought over the beauty of land, the beauty of a women, or simply the skewed idea that power is beautiful.

Little girls dream of the day they will look beautiful in their wedding dresses and young women cry over feeling crushed over not feeling beautiful.

On the flip side women are made to feel like the most beautiful creatures on the planet when they are proposed to and become someones bride. They eventually grow into a new stage of beauty as their bodies transform to carry and raise children. Then once again as they grow old, beauty takes on a new twist of wisdom as lines are etched that share stories of smiles and life.

Beauty. It has the power to join and divide.

The power to bring life to any situation through a simple smile or giggle of glee.

Beauty. Who knew so much could be summed up in a simple word.

41 days down, 324 to go!


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