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Day 42 – Exercise Motivation


I have such a love/hate relationship with this word! I enjoy the way exercise makes my body feel and look, but I do not enjoy the way it takes a very long amount of time to see results and takes time out of the day… which lets be honest I would much rather take that time to blog or take a shower, cause seriously, who doesn’t like showers?

Anyway, it is something that is totally a part of life that will never leave.

With that being said, here are a couple fun ways to keep yourself excited about exercise!

1. Make a sticker chart!

Old school? Yes. Throwback to elementary school? Absolutely! Could it work? Well, it does for me and it might for you too!

2. Make a weight chart.

Is weight truly what matters? No, health is. However, seeing a number lower, can be very motivating!

3. Treat yourself in healthy ways.

I really like mangoes and they are healthy, so I make myself exercise before I get to eat my mango! Or on other days I really want to blog, so I force myself to exercise before I get to blog. You get the point, figure out how to treat yourself as a way to motivate!

4. Give yourself the freedom to take a day off.

There will be a day when you want a day off. Just like with school and work and everything else, there are days you just want a day off. So, take one! 24 hours without a good sweat will not kill that waistline.

So there you go! Those are my thoughts on exercise lately and keeping burnout away. Hope it helps!

42 days down, 323 to go!



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