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Day 43 – TedX

This last weekend I went to a series of TedX talks with a friend of mine.

First off, we got there about an hour and a half early, cause the Facebook page had the wrong time listed! Seriously though, who passes up a time to have delicious coffee with a friend??  Anyway, once we got there and it all started, the speakers were quite inspirational!

Here are the parts I saw as highlight moments of the afternoon.

John Register spoke on tolerance and how that is the wrong goal. Our goal instead should be respect. Respect = appreciation + value. So For those of you who are into math, that’s as close to a math equation as this blog is going to get! 😉

I thought his point was so simple, yet so profound. None of us want to be tolerated or even accepted cause that puts all the relational power in the other person’s hands. However, being valued and appreciated is something that is not conditional or a power play, but rather respecting the other person and who they are simply as being a living, breathing, person.

Mandy Harvey spoke on the value of little victories and what it looks like to deal with loss and pain in a way that brings about a new type of normal. Where your personhood is secure, regardless of physical circumstances and that there is great value in fully engaging in the grieving process. She reminded us all that we are fragile and that the feelings of loss and pain are universal.

The point that spoke the most to me out of her talk was the idea that getting from point A to point B may take alternate routes. That is my story. Point B is still my goal, but the way I am getting there is so, so different than I would have ever imagined. That was her story as well, obviously, cause she was speaking on it! 😉

Isabela Lundberg spoke on refugees, a topic incredibly close to my heart and I’m only going to share one quote from her, cause one is all it takes, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Richard Fagerlin spoke on, “conflict being the door to intimacy” and simply put the value of conflict done well. He’s the one that I’ve been quoting most lately, because he referenced “EGR(Extra Grace Required)” people… yeah, his was convicting… He spoke on the importance of leaning into conflict and going closer, instead of walking away. It takes realizing and acknowledging our own triggers to be able to response and not react. To be able to resolve conflict to get closer, instead of going the easy route of walking away.

*The above one is suppose to be within the confines of a healthy relationship, not abusive!

The overall theme was stories that bring us to who we are, to what we believe, to what we hold dear.

That is why I believe in the power of blogs and journals, because they tell your story. And that is a story worth knowing, worth telling, and worth exploring.

Which one of these did you find most powerful? Where do you find inspiration?

43 days down, 322 to go!


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