Day 44 – Be Present

Being present in the moment is something our world is so, so lacking!

I’m sitting here in the student lounge, where I am totally suppose to be doing homework, but I’m not. I’m distracted by a group of guys that are meeting for what looks like a Bible study, and the minute the main guy’s speech is over, he gets on his phone. Two of them got on their phones actually and this one guy was trying to talk to them and ask questions and was basically being ignored.

What could have been communicated in those moments?

  • You’re not with my time?
  • You’re not my main priority?
  • My speech was more important than any of your thoughts?
  • You’ve taken up enough of my time already?

I’m sure there are many more you all could add, but you get the point.

Devices, our own thoughts, staying busy, so many things in our lives bring about our actions of ignoring others and basically selfish living. My world is more important that yours, is basically what we, in those moments, communicate.

I watched the movie, “To Save A Life” the other day and I wonder a lot of the time, how many hurts and heartbreaks in life could be prevented by us showing other people, with our actions, that they are important. Or if we were able to disconnect from our devices, our insecurities, and anything else that distracts us from being in the moment.

I love this quote, “Wherever you are, be all there,” by Jim Elliot.

Anyway, those are the random thoughts in my head this afternoon, I hope they help you all look at the way you interact with each other and random people in our world.

44 days down, 321 to go!



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