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Day 50 – Inspiration and Perseverance


Movies have been made about it, countless books written on it’s importance, papers in school are assigned on this subject, and for some reason, it is still so vague.


A needed component to succeed in life, innumerable tips on how to acquire and keep it, and yet so hard when the going gets tough.

Both of these are such innocent words. Simple letters stuck together to form a meaning, yet without both of them, life becomes very difficult, painfully mundane, and pretty much impossible.

I have been lacking both in my major currently, and my grades have reflected it. Seasons of my life have lacked both, and looking back, they reflect it as well.

I started a new job that is dealing with adults who have special needs and that has been so helpful! I am reminded of why I am studying what I am and why I need the information I am learning to be able to succeed in my future goals. The people I work with have also reminded me what it looks like to persevere. It may take a girl, who we will call Amy, 5 minutes to get one hand to move, but she does. She works at it with all her might until she gets it.

Working with these adults reminds me to be thankful that I can do simple things like breath and walk into more complicated things like type and form letters into words, like the ones typed above.

I hope you all are surrounded by people and situations that inspire you in life and encourage you to persevere.

50 days down, 315 to go!



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