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Day 52 – The Daily Grind

Study. Work. Family. Searching for answers.

Whatever phase in life you are in, we are all familiar with “the daily grind” of life. We look up the fastest, most efficient ways of doing things and yet we, as a society, are still always tired, busy, or overwhelmed.

Today for the “study” post I’d like to share something that has been really influential to me in all walks of life, not just school.

Pause, breath, and soak in the information/situation.

This is a little phrase I picked up from a teacher friend a couple years ago, but only recently put into practice.

Taking time to pause, breath, and soak. After a test when, at least for me, my brain feels like mush anyway! Before a test, to calm the nervousness and focus better. In the middle of an argument, when I need to choose loving the person over being right. When a child throws a tantrum and really just needs a hug or to know that our love truly is unconditional.

This could look different for every person.

For me, this could look like taking a walk in the pasture or making a warm cup of tea and sitting in silence. At times it just looks like closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and then moving forward.

For some, this may look like meditation, a good run, or taking it literally, a soak in a tub or pool. For others it may be painting or doodling on the corner of the exam scratch paper.

Whatever it takes, I hope we all will take a break from “the daily grind” this week and pause, breath, and soak in the moments.

52 days down, 313 to go!


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