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Day 57 – Sexual Assault

College Campuses.

Have you ever been a girl on one? Or the unmentioned boy who got assaulted?

1 in 4(THG).

That is the statistic we raise our daughters with.

1 in 16(nsvrc).

That is the statistic we raise our sons with.

The Hunting Ground (THG)

Have you seen the movie?

I watched it late one night with a friend, then drove the hour home in the dead of night. The stories and statistics repeating in my head as I drove. As a female, the 1 in 4 is what consistently stands out to me. Oh and did I mention those are only reported cases?

1 in 4. 1 in 16… those statistics sound insanely high, and those are only a fraction compared to reality. A family friend, who is a retired police officer, said that reality is more around 3 in 4 for women. She didn’t speak on the men’s side, but I’m sure it is higher than 1 in 16.

We are in living in the reality of those statistics as we walk to class, to work, up the apartment stairs, or the most horrifying reality of all… by simply living in our homes and hanging out with friends. The majority of rapes and assaults happen by acquaintances or “friends”…

Go watch The Hunting Ground, if you haven’t already, not to be driven by fear, but rather to go into the world informed.

Be respectful, be informed, be proactive, act with awareness, maybe our generation will be the one to change the statistics above.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” – Elie Wiesel

Day 57…




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