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Day 58 – When People Say, “He’s lucky”

As some of you know, my little brother is adopted.

One of the most common comments that we hear is, “He’s so lucky to have you!” Similarly we get comments like, “You saved his life”, “You gave him a life he could never have”, or “He’s so blessed.”

If only they knew the truth.

Yes, our choice gave him a life he wouldn’t have. Yes, he is alive today because we stepped in, but it truly is, “A better place since [he] came around”.

If only children of all origins were seen as a gift, as a beautiful reflection of God’s love, as a ray of sunshine this world needs.

So next time you see a family with a child who is adopted/fostered/or just a child in general, remember this song…

58 days down, 307 days to go!


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