Day 59 – Study Buddies!

Okay, so studying is a struggle.

Seriously, who wakes up and just says, “Today I can’t think of anything more fun to do than study!” …If you are someone who wakes up that way, please let me know and you can take over the Monday posts! 😉

Seriously though, studying is a struggle!

So here are some things that have helped me.

1. Drink lots of water!

When I sit down to study, I bring water. If you can add lemon, even better, but just plain water will work great!

2. Eat a snack!

Last weeks snacks were: a small bowl of left over curry, a packet of trail mix, a small apple sauce, and once I just full on ate a mini pie! So whatever works for you, give your brain glucose to work with!

3. Experiment with study helps!

Some people swear by Ginseng, some smelling salts, others claim essential oils help, still more claim coffee or green tea help them focus. So be willing to try odd study helpers!

Personally I’ve tried this thing called “Study Buddy” by Eden’s Garden ($7.95) and I truly do believe that has helped at least a little!

I’ve also tried coffee and that helps keep me awake, but if I’m already awake, it tends to make me hyper and not able to concentrate. Green tea makes me sleepy, so that’s a clear no for me!

Smelling salts are odd to me, so I haven’t tried it! … so maybe I need to take my own advice on this! 😉

Whatever it takes, if there are natural options, give them a try!

**Please do not try illegal or carcinogenic drugs!** Thank you! 🙂

4. Take “soak time” to allow info to absorb, but set a timer!

Every time you feel like to need a break, go do some dishes or make a meal! If you don’t like kitchens, go for a walk or chill for a while on your phone. Either way, set a timer so the day doesn’t get away from you!

5. Learn when enough is enough.

At some point staying up until 3am is not going to help, because you will be so tired the next day, you can’t recall info as well! If you’re so absorbed in the information that you’ve got it, then know when to say, “All done!” And be okay with that. 🙂

So there you go, I hope these help!

Here’s to studying and trying to become positive additions to society!

59 days down, 306 to go!


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