Day 60.5 – Saying Goodbyes…

I have yet to meet someone who truly enjoys saying goodbye.

As a whole, I would say, hellos are more enjoyed and appreciated. Granted, there are some people in my life I wish I could forever say goodbye to, but that’s probably an issue in my heart towards them that needs to change.

Other than those situations, I like saying hello.

I love going to the airport and watching people be welcomed home. I love watching the looks of anticipation every time a new group walks into sight. I love watching the screeches and huge smiles at the first sight of their awaited person. I love seeing the first hugs, the first words, and at times, the first kiss. Those moments remind me there are beautiful things in this world, even though, at times, it can feel like it is being taken over by negativity and sadness. Those moments remind me what it looks like to love and be loved, regardless of the age, gender, religion, or vocation of the people involved, joy is guaranteed at a “hello”.

Today I had to say goodbye.

My family is scattered among countless states, countries, and continents. Having everyone on the same continent, much less in the same room will probably never happen. My heart is familiar with the sting of goodbyes. My heart knows that the moments we have shared are priceless, the time short, and the distance far.

I will probably cry myself to sleep tonight, not because I’m hurt of upset, but rather because acknowledging the stings of goodbyes help keep my heart open and able to love.

My heart is so stretched between all of the places I have had the privilege to call home that at times it feels like no place will ever truly feel like home… and then I’m reminded that this world was never made to feel like home for me.

The minute I became a Christian I had a home beyond this earth. A home where goodbye is not a word. A home where hearts are whole.

So tonight I will cry, tomorrow I will wake up and get back to life, but I will forever cherish the memories of the moments I have had the amazing privilege of sharing with the people I hold dear to my heart.

I wish you all less goodbyes.

I wish you all hearts that are open to love, even when it hurts.

I wish you all moments that may be cherished.

Day 60.5…




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