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Day 62 – The Significance of Refugees

According to the UN Refugee Agency there are…

21.3 million refugees, over half are under 18.

65.3 million people forcibly displaced.

We are more and more becoming a global community.

What many people don’t fully grasp or think about is that refugees were part of societies that functioned and flourished. These refugees or displaced peoples were certified teachers, doctors, librarians, veterinarians, nurses, writers, photographers, and the list could go on and on.

Yes, some of them have caused great havoc. Yes, some of them are terrorists. But that is true in any society!

How much is the fear factor holding us back from embracing the rest of what refugees have to offer our communities? On top of their qualifications, they bring a worldview and an attitude of empathy and compassion that our communities, as a whole, are lacking.

We need to help.

How? Where? When?

Those are for you to decide. Everyone’s journey in life is different. Everyone’s role in our growing global society is different, but everyone has a role.

For my family that role has been helping with education in refugee camps and adoption.

What is yours?

How can we as a whole globe change the perception on refugees and better their chances for a normal life in the communities they will one day join?

Day 62



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