Country Life · Exercise

Day 63 – Winter Goals

Exercise is become more and more of a priority in my life as I’m seeing the benefits of being fit not as a status, but rather a need for a balanced life.

This set me to thinking about winter coming and various options that brings with it.

So this winter I would like to…

Try skiing

It’s a great way to burn off calories and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Attempt to Snow Shoe

It’s always been one of those things I thought I could never do, so I never even tried.

Go Sledding

We used to do this as kids, and I’ve just never picked it up again.

Have a Go at Ice Skating

I once dreamt of going to the olympics as an ice skater… while that dream is pretty much impossible at this point, I can at least try it out!

What are your favorite winter sports?


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