Life Tips

Day 76 – That time of the month…

For the girl that needs to know she’s not alone today and that everything will be okay!

Things that happen on every period…

Period head ache


That moment you realize you started, and are just not ready for what is ahead, even though your period tracker app told you that it was your start date.


When you get up multiple times a night to change your pad/tampon to prevent leakage… unless you use a diva cup, then good for you, you can sleep all night!


The insomnia that hits you… yeah, it’s 3:55 am right now…


The cramps that make you want to curl up in a ball and die


The food cravings as well as fake morning sickness where your nose decides it’s gonna work overtime!

The reality that you will ruin at least one pair of underwear…


…finally the realization that there are decades more where this  period came from…

… and on one hand you’re happy, because it means things are running smoothly!

Good job surviving another one!


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