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Day 79 – Organizing Life (Life Tips)

As you all read in my last post, moving here showed me the importance of having some sort of organization/plan in life.

Here are a few things that worked for me!

1. Buy a cute planner!

Yes, I know, all phones and smart technology pieces have calendars on them, but honestly, I’m much more likely to carry around and use something that is cute. If you’re into technology based calendars, go for it, but if you’re like me and are more likely to use it if it’s cute, then invest in a nice one!

2. Write out your goals

Take a plain sheet of paper and write out everything you’d like to see happen in the next year, make it realistic, but don’t be afraid to dream!

3. Take those goals and break them into months.

A couple of my goals had to do with visiting grand parents, exercising, taking more time to write, keeping up with school, hang out with certain friends, church, and making healthy meals. So I took those and wrote out things like, “See grandparents twice a month” and “Exercise 3 times a week”… you get the idea.

4. If you have a predictable work/school schedule, fill that in first.

Take your school schedule/work schedule and fill that in. Block off all of those times (including exam week changes, when to sign up for the next semester classes, when you want to request time off work, etc.) so that you know when you are “available”.

5. Fill in “you” time.

For me this meant adding in times to write, times to go by myself to coffee or paint pottery, times to do Bible devotionals, time to go on walks, etc. Fill in whatever will refresh you personally in life.

6. Fill in the remainder of your goals.

So going off of mine, choosing the 3 days a week I wanted to exercise. Assigning one day per month to see each side of grandparents, choosing a laundry/catch up with household chores day.

7. Finally, fill in social events that you’d like to be a part of.

To me this meant adding church on Sunday, my weekly best friend hang out on Saturdays, birthdays I would like to remember, etc.

8. Look back at the calendar and make sure you have time for spontaneous activities.

If your calendar is totally booked by every hour of every day, you will get burned out. So  make sure that there are free spots. Make sure you have a few evenings that are free that you can schedule that unexpected friend who came into town or to have extra time to study for that test, or do homework.

9. Remember that a calendar is suppose to help your life, not control your life.

If you are feeling like you can never do what you want, look at ways you could change your calendar or look into how you could reprioritize life.

10. Be honest with yourself!

In this whole process be honest with yourself! If you really don’t have time to see someone one week, be open and honest. If you need to take a week off work/classes just to sort out life and get back on your feet, do so! The point of a calendar is to help you understand where you want to go, what matters to you, and helps remind you of those things.

I hope these little tips help you as much as they have helped me!

Happy planning and organizing!

Day 79


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