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Day 80 – Studying a new subject…

Monday has been “study” day for a few months now! It’s so crazy, but it has been a few months since this blog started!

For those of you who have stuck with me, thanks!

For those of you who are new, welcome to this crazy, messy, adventure of life, thanks for joining me in it!

All that to say, it’s been a while and I’m running out of things to say on the “study” portion of this blog.

So as a final study update…
It’s been going well! Seriously crazy hard classes, but researching ways to study well has truly helped me and I hope it’s helped some of you all too!

That being said, Mondays will now be, “Things on my mind that have to do with my/this thing with God that is suppose to be a relationship.” So yes, that’s a huge title, because honestly, I have no idea with it will look like, but I know it’s what I need to be including in this blog. In my mind, it’s what this blog is missing.

You all are seeing so much of my heart through my favorite recipes, quotes, thoughts on life, and yet this huge part of my life is barely spoken of, and I don’t think I’m being fair to you all by not including it, so from this point on, that will be Mondays.

If you’re not into the whole God thing, please feel free to ignore Mondays, but if you are or if you’re curious, please check it out! 🙂

Excited to see where this goes with you all!

Day 80


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