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Day 82 – Instant Noodles… Upgraded!

There have been moments this last month where I actually bought and ate pre-made meals and even went to eating instant noodles!

I know, shock of all shocks πŸ˜‰, but I really was shocked by myself.

Anyway! The solution I came to the other night, was to go ahead and embrace a pre-made/instant noodle meal once and a while… just an upgraded version!

So here are a few tricks to make things more healthy and taste a little more like actual food!

  1. Add a salad to the side! — This one may be hard, because cutting up/cleaning salad takes time, maybe try a pre made mix?
  2. Add in frozen peas, broccoli, carrots, or a combination to instant noodles
  3. Pick healthier options in fully pre-made meals, the less preservatives, the better!

That’s all I have for upgrading the average pre-made/instant meal!

Hope you all enjoy them!

Pretty lame, but I have enjoyed these little additions to my diet lately!

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