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Day 83 – To The Guy Who Will Marry Her…

Lately I have spend many a late night in tears over heartache for others. Over heartache I wish I could take away and feel for them… but I can’t. All I can do is hope and pray for the sunshine after a long storm.

So here’s to the sunshine I hope will come soon in their lives, here’s to the guys who will marry them…

To the guy who will marry her,

Hey!! You’re finally here! Yay! Buddy, you have been long awaited… so here’s to you!

I know you won’t be able to remove all the dark shadows in her world. I know you can’t save her from heartache. I know you will bring your own baggage into things and that you will both be selfish at times. I know you will both hurt each other at times, but in it all…

I hope you realize what a gift she is and remind her of it daily.

I hope you pray for her and encourage her in this crazy adventure, called life.

I hope you plan the proposal of a lifetime, whether small or big, and look at her the way she’s always dreamed as she walks down the aisle.

I hope you dream about being a dad and seeing her as a mom to the kids that will be the perfect blend of both of you or the kids that grew only in your hearts, but still forever yours.

I hope you won’t be like every other guys she’s ever dated who told her she was too much. Because when she loves, she loves deeply and if given the chance, she would love for a lifetime.

I wish you more sunshine than darkness.

More hugs than angry words.

More honest heart to heart conversations than moments of distance.

So to you, unknown person who will marry her, you are prayed for, you are eagerly waited for, and once you’re in, you will know why I’m writing this.

The Friend… yeah, sorry, I come with the whole picture of marrying her! 😉




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