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Day 85 – Holidays with In-Laws

This last summer my sister got married. She’s the first out of the three siblings to do that, and so this Thanksgiving and Christmas are the first times we are dealing with “sharing” of holiday time.

In many ways this is how it feels…

Yes, this video is more joking than anything, but seriously, this is how it feels! No one wants Thanksgiving! No one wants to tell their parents they’re not coming home for Christmas… so much strife and pain when it is suppose to be such a beautiful holiday!

With that being said, here is what I wish I could tell my parents about sharing holidays with in-laws.

-Stop trying to appease them so much and “win them”. This is not a competition between you and the other in-laws!

-Let us just have a normal Christmas! If they want to be a part of it, they will put in the effort!

-This whole attempting to involve them in everything is ruining Christmas for the rest of us!

-One of these days you will have to do this with multiple in-law groups. If you just pick what you will do for the holidays and stick to it, it’ll be much easier for all of us to know what to plan around when we get married.

– I know love is suppose to be unconditional, but don’t force it! If you want to love regardless, go for it, but let us get there on our own, the more you force it, the more all of us just put on a show for you all and walk away completely bitter.

-Also, siblings are totally different the minute a parent walks in the room! I know that isn’t suppose to be the case, but it is and I think deep down, you know that. So don’t base me being wrong in my emotions or them being wrong in theirs off of what you see… a whole lot of life happens when you all aren’t looking. So please, stop taking sides!

-I know you think you are helping, but you’re not, so just stop! If you let life just happen it’ll be a lot smoother!

So this holiday season, with or without in-laws, remember the spirit of the holidays is suppose to be full of joy, so embrace that, even if no one else around you is!

Day 85



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