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Day 86 – Thankful moments this week

It’s coming to Thanksgiving in America, so with that in mind, here are my thankful moments of the week!

– Getting told by the bank teller to with my mom a happy birthday when I deposited her birthday check.

– Living in a country where we have the privilege to vote… especially women!

– Thanksgiving break is in a week! … which means only one more week of exams before I can sleep normally again!

– My job inspires me to continue down the path I’m going.

– Since winter is arriving late this year, I’m still able to wear my open toed shoes!

– My teachers are passionate about their subjects

– I have a pretty free weekend, which means I can sleep and get over this awful head cold!

– Laundry got done this week

– I’m learning to be okay and embrace the imperfections in my own life as well as others and be more gracious in those.

– Pumpkin is everywhere, meaning that I can make pumpkin bread again!

– Hockey games!

– Starbucks holiday drinks

We all have so much to be thankful in life if we take the time to do so!

Day 86



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