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Day 90 – Bonding Moments

The moment when someone says, “Me too,” and is forever etched in your heart.

This week I had a rough week in some ways and a super busy week in others, so half way through I grabbed Thai food for lunch. I wasn’t eating with anyone, so I got it to go. I head in to pick up my food and the lady recognized me and we started chatting (in a mixture of two languages) like we were old friends! I’m sure from the outside it looked as if I was a “regular”, but I’m not. I maybe go there 4-5 times a year. But the first time that lady served my table, the two of us out to dinner both spoke Thai to her and that was the moment everything changed.

We got free samples, free meals, quick service, and we were all immediately on a first name basis.

That is the power of realizing we are more similar than we realize. We have areas of our hearts that collide. In that respect it was geologically and linguistically, yet in a much deeper sense it was culturally. Even though she was days away from her country of origin and I am days away from mine, we had a mutual love for Thailand and it’s people. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments in life.

Especially in light of the U.S. election recently, the transitions in Thailand with the King’s death, and multiple other countries going through political instability, I hope we all take the time to have more of these, “Me too” moments. I hope we take the time to remember that ultimately we are all humans with hearts looking for acceptance and a state of being valued in this world.

I wish you all more bonding moments.

I wish you all more times where we truly try and get to know the people we interact with in life.

…and on a much shallower note, I wish you all could enjoy more Thai food! 😉

Day 90.


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