Day 94 – Prayer

*Once again, disclaimer, Mondays contain Christian content. If you’re not into that, feel free to skip this one!**

The other night I woke up totally in fear and having thoughts and guilt flood over me and all I could think about was, “I want someone to pray for me.”

This may sound odd, but I knew this older lady who I was a teacher’s aid for, who used to pray for me. I don’t mean a 2 second prayer from across the room, I mean a solid 30 minutes to an hour where we would sit across from each other, she would hold my hands or touch my leg or shoulder and pray for me and speak blessings over me.

At first I thought it was really odd, I mean I didn’t even know this lady! But by the end of the year, I looked forward to my times with her with great anticipation and left feeling at complete peace about life.

The other night when I woke up, all I wanted was to go to her office and ask her to pray for me… and I couldn’t. I couldn’t because she no longer works there. I couldn’t because it’s an ocean away. I couldn’t because it was like 3am. You get the idea, it was impossible, but it was literally all I could think about for about an hour! … which made me realize that I haven’t really been prayed for since I was in her class, and I haven’t really prayed for others like that since then either.

I hope you all will truly pray for each other and I hope you all have people who pray for you. Yes, throughout your day when the person comes to mind, but also in person.

Day 94


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