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Day 99 – Rest and Enjoy

Over this break I’ve discovered a new need for rest and enjoying the moments.

Between times with a dear friend, enormous amounts of coffee, Operation Christmas Child, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping, this week has been one filled with memories, laughs, a few tensioned moments (đŸ˜‚) and smiles! …. but tonight I took a break.

I walked away from the hustle and bustle. I made mashed potatoes and gravy, did laundry, painted, added more Christmas decorations to the house (my friend helped me with most of it earlier in the week), and listened to music that made my heart feel a peaceful joy.

Moments like these remind me of how refreshing it is to take time to rest and really enjoy the moment.

As we enter the holiday season, I hope we all enjoy the hustle and bustle as well as take the time to rest and enjoy the little moments.

Also, evenings like these are great for DIY Christmas gift making!

Day 99



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