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Day 101 – Being Content

*For those of you who don’t know, Mondays are now Christian content days. If that’s not your thing, feel free to skip this one!**

Being content is something I have struggled with for years… as in I can’t remember the last time I was good at being content! There are days that I feel content, seasons where being content or satisfied with life comes easily… but I have to admit, most of my life is not that.

From the outside I look very content, but on the inside I’m always wanting something more, something better, or just something different, yet I’m looking in all the wrong things for satisfaction.

I usually look for contentedness in relationships, grades, my level of physical fitness, or even my ability to make myself content in life… all of which fail me regularly!

“God is most glorified in me, when I am most satisfied in him.” – John Piper

The quote above is one I really like, because it reminds me in simple terms where I am supposed to find my satisfaction and that regardless of how busy, flustered, or overwhelmed I may be, I can be glorifying God by being content in life.

I hope we all realize the freedom that comes with that truth.

I hope we all embrace it.

I hope our lives are changed by it.

Day 101… which totally fits wth this post, because regardless of how hard it it, this should be christianity 101! 🙂

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