Day 110 – Defining Moments

I was watching a movie, about 2 years ago now, that discussed defining moments.

The main character said they knew that they wanted to go into Ophthalmology, because he met a boy who was trying glasses on for the first time and could finally see the beauty of the world.

I have yet to meet a person who found their calling in life without one of these moments, so here are some of mine…

Freshmen year of high school I was a teacher’s aid in the special needs department of my high school. I walked in and was given the assignment of helping a student learn to read. He was a happy fellow and I was excited and we began… yet in the back of my mind, I wasn’t sure he would ever learn.

At the end of that year he was reading. Beyond that, he was reading well. The teacher looked at me and said, “Remember him.” … and I have. All the time. I remember his smile. I remember the way he said my name. Mostly I remember how he opened my heart to the potential of individuals and the important of believing in a person until they can believe in themselves.

Thus my master’s in special ed.

Another defining moment was when I was on trip into this distant hill-tribe in Thailand to put on a sports camp for the children there. On one of the days a village elder came to us and thanked us for coming. While he was there I noticed he was coughing up blood. Chances were that I was the only one who could ever help him, who would ever even come in contact with him who knew what was wrong or even that there might be a cure… yet I could do nothing. We were there for sports, not medical help… how sad is that!

Thus my nursing degree.

The year before that I was helping in a foster home where we got a little baby named Sam. He was blind, deaf, mostly brain dead, the result of 3 failed abortion attempts of a perfectly fine child. He was deemed a “hospice case” and sent away to a hospice baby home… I never saw him again.

Thus my pro-life stance, to love both mother and baby.

When I was 3 years old a friend of mine, who was also 3, died from internal bleeding caused by rape. It was an area far from medical help and even if there was help, they couldn’t have afforded it. Yes, my medical parents could have helped, but by the time they even found out about it, it was too late.

Thus I advocate for child safety and anti-human trafficking.

When I was 16, my family was in the middle of an adoption, I finally saw unconditional love for the first time. I saw the joy of welcoming someone in, seeing value in their frail little lives, and allowing God to transform a family through their life.

Thus I am all into adoption.

When I was 19 my sister married a man who was not approved of by my family, who saw me as a joke of a little child (even though he’s only 1.5 years older), and who shook family dynamics to a point that seemed unfixable… yet has forced us all to practice unconditional love, respect, and valuing a person simply for being a person, not for what they have to give or offer.

Thus I am a strong proponent on self discovery and fixing your attitude, instead of complaining about change that is out of your control.

All of those moments have shaped and defined me into who I am today.

What has defined you?

Day 110


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