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Day 107 – A million things…

There are a million things I should be doing right now, but I’m not.

There are a million things that are cluttering my mind, but I’m choosing to ignore them.

There are a million things society says I should be, and I am none of them.

There are a million things…

… but there is only one me.

There are only 24 hours in a day for me to do what I need.

There is only one voice I want to allow into my mind.

There is only one calling on my life of what I should be.

… there is only one me.

What if we embraced that? What if we lived every day as an irreplaceable piece of this puzzle called life? What if we pushed aside all of the voices in our heads, and simply sat in silence at the foot of the cross? What if we said forget it to all of society’s expectations and just lived as us?

A “hot phrase” these days is, “you do you”… yet we as a society, we as a world of people, are not doing us.

I think a big reason for that is we don’t even know who we truly are… which is why today I’m not doing the next thing on my to do list. I’m not listening to all the voices… including the well meaning ones. I’m not going to be prey to society, I’m not even going to check social media.

Instead I’m going to sit in silence.

I’m going to allow the God of the universe to remind me that I am enough. I’m going to allow him to rejoice over me with gladness (zeph. 3:17). I am going to allow his voice to be the only one filling my mind with who I am and whose I am. I am going to sit in his presence and have that be enough.

I hope you all will join me.

I hope you all will push the millions of things aside and just enjoy a moment with God, a moment discovering who you are.

We may not all be able to go on a secluded retreat, but we can all take moments to allow God to refresh our souls, and honestly, that purposeful time will be more powerful than a short lived retreat anyway! That purposeful time is what sets habits, things that can be done for the rest of our lives, in every season.

Day 107


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