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Day 109 – A passion to persevere

I write a lot about passion on this blog, because it is central to my life and I truly believe it is central to all of our lives.

We may call it something other than passion, but we all have areas in our lives that we drive from.

Reasons we get up in the morning, get through the day, and can get up the next ready to go in life!

Sometimes we need a reminder of those areas we drive from.

Here are some things that have helped me:

  1. Write them on your mirror


My mirror is currently covered… literally! If I had to seriously look into it to see myself, I couldn’t, and honestly I don’t want to. I want to see my reflection through those reminders! If you look at a mirror, it won’t obstruct your view, so write away!

** Use dry erase markers only!**

2. Leave sticky notes around the house/anywhere!


Leave them on your front door to see every time to leave! Put them on your desk, on your fridge, on your printer, whatever it takes to remember.

3. Choose wall art with purpose


Wall art with purpose is one of my favorite things ever! One of my friends has given me a ton of wall art and it all has a home. I’ve bought wall art, made wall art, pinned wall art (on pinterest)… you get it, I think it’s powerful.

4. Never underestimate a sticker


A friend of mine introduced me to stickers. It has changed my life!! … okay, maybe not, but I have really enjoyed them! You can stick them on DIY travel mugs, on binders, on the back of visors in the car, anywhere!

5. Add a note to a clipboard!


This is one I never would have thought of, but my friend made me one with the phrase, “Hey beautiful!” and I haven’t found a home for it yet, because I keep moving it around and taking it to work because it’s a really helpful reminder and it’s so cute.

A passion to persevere.

I hope these help!

Day 109


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