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Day 112 – Organizing A Home

When I fist took over taking care of an entire (5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, plus a barn) house I honestly had no idea what I was doing!

I thought that just overall organizing, cleaning the bathroom once in a while, and keeping up with dishes was enough… it’s not!

I hadn’t realized how much everyone else did around the house throughout the year that kept things clean and running and not piled up!

This realization forced me to pinterest… and procrastination on doing it also drove me there! 😉

These helped me realize how often things should be cleaned and allowed me to clean and organize in a way that isn’t just shoving everything until the night before company comes, and pulling an all-nighter cleaning!


So there are a ton of resources and obviously google, pinterest, instagram, etc. have tons more ideas!

Here’s to clean, happy houses!

Day 112


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