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Day 121 – The Art of Delegation

I’ve heard it said that a good leader is a skilled delegator.

Over this last month I was assigned the Christmas play at church. The assignment was that I could do as I wished and I had 4 weeks… I took it on thinking that clearly no one else could, or else they would have asked them.

Long story short, they changed things without asking (multiple times) and here I am, hours before the play, finding out that more was changed that I was not asked nor made aware of reminded me that there is an art to delegation. So here are 5 aspects to delegation that make it a kind and successful experience for all…

  1. When you give away a task, give it fully away!
  2. Be clear on expectations upfront.
  3. Ask permission to reenter a delighted situation.
  4. Don’t be a control freak! … yes this goes back to #1, just thought I’d repeat it! 😉
  5. Never go behind people’s backs/create around the bush conversations.

I hope you all have successful delegation experiences!

Day 121


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