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Day 124 – Appreciating the Silence


Right now the house is silent except for the hum of the fire beside me.

The family members in town are gone seeing friends and putting Christmas lights on the roof and I’m sitting here just enjoying the silence.

The tree lit with presents around it, the clouds rolling in with a new storm, cookies on the table, stockings hung and filled. Nothing in this moment needs done, no one needs entertained, everything is ready for the holidays ahead… this moment is precious to me.

This moment is precious as I think on the saviors birth, as I see marks of ever family member around the house with extra jackets, a teddy bear on the rocker, phone plugs in odd places… the things most would view as messy, to me they are beautiful reminders of family and friends. Yes, most reminders are messy, they’re not elements I wish were in the holidays… I don’t think anyone does, but some are beautiful. Some reminders show me there is hope for our beautifully broken¬†family and individual selves.

So here is enjoying the silence… I hope you’ll join me!

Day 124



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