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Day 136 – The let down…

The holidays are so full that the few weeks after are usually a bit of a let down…

Here are a few things that have helped in avoiding that this year!

  1. Take down the decorations and redecorate!

We took our decorations down yesterday and instead of leaving blank space everywhere, we actually redecorated! I know, crazy idea 😉, but it really helped take away that let down feeling of all the holiday cheer returning to boxes!

2. Go through old boxes

Spring cleaning is usually done in the spring where everything is gone through and deep cleaned, but why not do it when cleaning up from Christmas and start the year off fresh? We didn’t clean through the whole house like we will in the spring, but we went through most of it and it felt great to start off so clean and clutter free!

3. Look to the future and make plans to look forward to

For me this is a possible girl’s trip with a bestie, amazing birthday plans she’s making, and  planning out classes and work. Just overall reminding myself of “normal” life and the joys that come with that was really helpful!

4. Enjoy the moment you are in

Ultimately I’ve been really working on enjoying the moments I’m in lately. Last night that looked like walking around for a couple hours with garland on my head, because my little brother was enjoying, “wearing matching crowns.” Earlier in the week that was sitting over coffee with a friend, without any agendas, without major time limits, just enjoying each other’s company.

I hope we all enjoy the moments and enter this new year full of expectations for what is to come!

Day 136


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