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Day 143 – What is love?

This past weekend I went to a bridal shower, a rather common occurrence for my age group these days! In a lot of ways it was like a visit to the past, which I wasn’t incredibly excited about, but I survived! 😂

Anyway! One of the activities that they had was a station with rocks and paint. We were all suppose to write what love meant to us in one word on the rock. In the middle of the shower we went around the circle (of about 45 people) and shared the word we wrote and why we wrote it.

Here are a few…

Extreme – Because love makes you feel extreme emotions and it reflects the extreme measures God took to love us.

Patient – It takes patience.

Commitment – From I Do to death.

Choice – When all of the feelings are gone, we must choose to love

Kind – Because kindness goes a long way.

Restoration – Clear the air… you have to live with them!

(Tirelessly) Selfless – Never grow tired of selflessly loving.

…the list goes on. Love. It is such a small word, yet it means so much!

What does love mean to you?


Day 143


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