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Day 145 – When Days Seem Wasted

Today plans didn’t work out.

Today I felt like a failure.

Today I lost patience at silly little things.

Today felt like it would never end.

Today I didn’t even want to be around myself, much less force others to be around me.

Today felt like a complete waste…

…but today was a success.

Today taught me that I have to come to the end of myself to allow the grace of God to shine through.

Today taught me that I’m not as flexible as I thought I was and reminded me that change can be good and plans don’t always need to work out.

Today reminded me that I can be adventurous.

Today brought out more parts of me that need refined (or just need a be destroyed and new patterns take their place!).

Today brought to mind that my story is not done. There are still so many parts of me that need more of Jesus and less of my selfishness.

So here is to all the days we feel are wasted.

May we all learn to allow God to pick up our broken pieces and make something beautiful.

May we all extend grace to ourselves and remember that everyone has days when they are completely unlovable.

Day 144.


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