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Day 146 – Travel Tips

When getting ready to travel, alone or with kids, it can be helpful to have the right tools along to make it a successful trip! Here are

  1. Organize

Decreasing clutter and organization is one of the biggest helps for me in travel! If the car or even my airplane seat are neat and items accessible, it makes all the difference!


Use a behind-the-seat organizer. Here are a few of my favorites:


Have a very organized and accessible backpack/purse that stays at your feet. Here are a few I’ve found:

Or use a seat organizer

     2. Comfort

Being comfortable, especially on a long trip is important to arrive at the destination feeling refreshed and ready to go!


Obviously if you are the driver, not all of these will apply to you, but as a passenger or someone trading off driving time, these might help!

Pillows & Blankets:
Pillows and blankets can be comfortable, but can also take a lot of room and get messy if not stored correctly. Here are some storage options:
For the trunk:
For the backseat:


Pillows & Blankets:

3. Food/Snacks

For any mode of travel, healthy snacks can help steer away from eating out or grabbing other unhealthy options at stops.

Even as an adult, one of my favorite things to pack is fruit squeeze packets/fruit cups. They’re an easy grab and go, little to no mess, and can be stored easily. Here are a few I like:
* If you want to make your own squeezes, these are great!*

Healthy chips/crackers are also a great option:–VQ22-624116359-VQ27-10575723596&adpos=1o2&creative=51194648276&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KEQiAzNfDBRD2xKrO4pSnnOkBEiQAbzzeQYm6nEX9Nbr1BCmxPjrwXnaoeALLyRtt5RnLYvLcVcgaAt7-8P8HAQ

Nuts and a few treats are always great too! Here are a few options!

Storage of food:
Having food along is great, but it needs to be stored correctly! On the airplane, this usually just means small sizes packed in a backpack, but in other places something like this might be a good option:

    4. Entertainment

Let’s be honest, after about the first 8 hours, trips can bet a little long! … maybe for you it’s after the first 5 minutes, but for me, it’s usually the 7-8 hour mark. Here are some things that help me:
– A journal and my Bible — honestly travel is one of my favorite things to do for the hours that I literally have nothing pressing on me and I can pray, read, and journal all I want!
– Laptop and cords — Catching up on work/school/ or, you know, netflix! 😉
– Books/toys — yes, this is mostly for kids, but I’ll do a post at some time focusing on traveling with kids!

     5. Other tools

– Plugs/adapters —
– Battery Power — especially for emergency use!

Obviously this isn’t a full packing list, but I hope these little tips help!

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