Day 157 – Travels

Clearly I’ve been gone… and definitely missed a few posts! Oops!

Here is me beginning again.

I’ve slept at leas 12 hours after not really touching more than 5 a night while we were away. I’ve showered, laundry is done, and bags are unpacked! Yay! Especially the bag fully unpacked… that’s a huge step for me!

I came home to finding out a class decided to start a day early, my work documentation didn’t properly submit, and to top it off we ate fast food on the way home and it had yeast it in it, a random ingredient that I am literally deathly allergic to… so I’ve been really sick the last 24 hours and on allergy medications! So not the best start back and definitely not the most encouraging!

… but then I have to remember…

We had wonderful family times in the car (a rare treat!), we watched a love story officially begin, dear old friends who may not be around for too much longer, and more of this incredibly beautiful earth!

We have so much to be thankful for!

So next time the post travel blues have you down, remember the beauty in the moments!

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