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Day 161 – Women’s Rights

Another touchy subject… and I’ve waited a while to talk about it because I want this post to come across as compassionate, humble, and full of conviction, because it is an important subject.

I am passionate about women being treated with respect, dignity, and to the fullest expression of their value. I am totally against human trafficking, rape, domestic violence (physical or emotional) towards women. I agree that women should be paid for the jobs they do, instead of their gender… the list could go on.

Having lived in many countries on various continents, I have seen and experienced the pain and rudeness (at times too gentle of a word) projected on to women. For four years I lived in the heart of human trafficking, was surrounded by women who had been bought, sold, raped, had multiple abortions, were wasting away with disease, and felt exhausted by life. Coming in with my nationality I had to prove to the locals that I wasn’t a prostitute and that I expected to be treated with respect. In another country I was grabbed by multiple men (as were other females I was with, one who was 9 months pregnant and standing with her husband), was almost kidnapped, and was never allowed to go anywhere without a man present. At university in the United States I get cat called and other comments of a degrading nature, as do my friends and classmates. The theme, although more harsh in certain circumstances is lack of respect, valuing, and major objectification.

All that to say, I get it. In the majority of the world women are seen as nothing more than an object to be used, a commodity to be traded or sold and I haven’t even really touched on the reality that women get paid less and in many countries are limited in job options.

With that being said I do not agree with the women’s marches that have occurred. To me the whole process of a peaceful exchange of power is what sets the United States apart from other nations’ governing systems. I know many nations who have joined the marches are marching against President Trump, which I’m also confused about because it’s not their nation or their leader and we have a democracy. Some times one side wins, sometimes the other side wins. We take turns. With consideration of everything I stated above, the women in the US have very little to protest about. While acts of violence, workplace harassment, and other issues do still occur, in this nation, they are illegal.

So what rights are women still looking for here? I’m confused on the discontentment.

Being a women, in the United States, I think there are much bigger issues women could be marching over.

How about rights for women around the world? While some of the protests that came up world wide were about various rights, from what I’ve read, a lot of that was still protesting President Trump. How about rights for the unborn future women? How about rights for those fleeing from their countries(there are some) because their own people are trying to kill them? How about rights for the elderly and terminally ill (there are some)who are being forced to take assisted suicide out of lack of insurance coverage? The list could go on and on and on and on.

Is it contentment we’re lacking? Is the nation as a whole a little bored? I don’t mean to dumb down the issues that are needing addressed in the nation or the very real injustices that are occurring. I’m not saying the United States is perfect in any sense of the word. My question is simply this: What legal rights are we missing? and Are the marches truly beneficial or are they making the nation look down on women?

That’s all I have to say about it, but here are some articles I found thought provoking and informative on the topic.




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